Hong Kong Optical Fair

Hong Kong Optical FairHong Kong Optical Fair


The exhibition has achieved great success. The exhibition was held in Hong Kong from November 6th to November 8th. It created an excellent business opportunity for the optical industry! The exhibition attracted 800 exhibitors and nearly 100 countries. And more than 16,840 buyers were present at the venue. Whether it is from emerging markets such as Poland, India, Vietnam and Malaysia, or mature markets such as Italy, Sweden, Spain, Canada and South Korea, the number of exhibitors has increased, making the Hong Kong Optical Fair a necessity for suppliers to expand their business.

The exhibition was completed by a interpreter from Assuna Translation Agency. Ms.Tang graduated from Sichuan University. After graduating, she went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong for further studies, obtained a master degree in linguistics. She has excellent English proficiency and extensive experience. She has participated in HALO China LED Producer Activities, Hong Kong Food Festival, Guangzhou International Fashion Week Brand Project Promotion Conference and French Nathan Product Use Training Conference. She has outstanding ability and is highly praised by clients.


This optical show was successfully concluded.