CMMI project

CMMI projectCMMI project


CMMI is also called Capability Maturity Model Integration, which is an idea of the U.S. department of defense. Its purpose is to help software enterprises to manage and improve the software engineering process, enhance the ability of development and improvement so as to develop high-quality software on time and within budget.


The CMMI project was carried out in Fuzhou and was completed by Ms.Chen, the member of Assuna Translation Agency. Ms.Chen graduated from Fuzhou University with a master degree in English. Besides, she holds the certificate of tem-8 for English majors and the certificate of second-level interpretation issued by the ministry of human resources. Ms.Chen has participated in many large-scale events, such as simultaneous interpretation for Dongfanghong international academic seminar, alternate interpretation for international commercial officials training institute of Beijing Ministry of Commerce, and escort interpretation for BRICs  conference. 


The CMMI project in Fuzhou was successfully concluded.