Hiseas international Hungarian hot spring symposium

Hiseas international Hungarian hot spring symposiumHiseas international Hungarian hot spring symposium

76f330bae17804e0452e3817fce6f0d.jpgWith excellent tourism resources integration ability and rich resource accumulation, Hiseas can provide hotels, tour

buses, tour guides, business vehicles, restaurants, scenic spots, shopping shops, entertainment, exhibitions, conferences, public relations planning and other resources and services. It meets the diversified needs of partners and suppliers.


On December 2th, Assuna Translation Agency provided translation services for Hiseas international Hungarian hot spring symposium. This interpretation task was completed by Ms.Guo, Ms.Lu, Sherry and Nikky. Four interpreters are experienced enough to participate in many exhibitions with high professional level.


This task was successfully completed.


Assuna Translation Agency can provide multi-language translation services as well as bilingual PPT, polishing articles and other services. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.